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Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy – IoPT method

Energy Focused Therapy EFT            

Psychosynthesis Counselling           cabin

Collage Mandala Constellations  

Shoreham near Brighton & Hove      for 90 min 1:1 / couple sessions or 6 x 60 min. IoPT / Psychosynthesis /EFT  integrative sessions.

Brighton and Cheltenham  for workshops

 ONLINE SESSIONS AVAILABLE 1:1 IoPT/ EFT Facilitation.                             IoPT SUPERVISION ONLINE                                                                                  Contact 07749193255   



MONTHLY IoPT GROUP Thurs Eves : Sept 21st / Oct 12th / Nov 16th / Dec 7th.         6.30 – 9.30 pm  – Shoreham W Sussex.

MONTHLY IoPT  Group Weds am.  ‘Being Healthy Parents’                                        Oct 11th / Nov 15th /Dec  6th /Jan 10th.  9.30-12.30 pm. @ The Hive Cafe Community Workspace.  Please book.

 Who am I and What do I want?’  Oct 28th   10 – 5 pm @ the Cornerstone Community Centre. HOVE

 ‘Who am I and What do I truly want in my life?’ Nov 12th @ the Isbourne Centre, CHELTENHAM

New Year Intention for Myself for 2018.  Jan 6th @ the Cornerstone, HOVE


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