About Me

I am a Constellations Practitioner of IoPT following  the work of Professor Franz Ruppert (Psychology. Munich University).  This work helps us encounter who we truly are and what we want in life, bringing healthy relationships with our  partners, friends and family. It looks specifically at pre-birth, birth and infant relational trauma and how it affects our identity.

I am an Advanced Practitioner of EFT and member of AAMET.  EFT is Energy Focused Therapy (or Emotional Freedom Technique), a form of Energy Psychology and also resonance work.

I am an experienced Psychosynthesis Counsellor and Coach and bring this consciousness to IoPT facilitation. I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also DBS checked for working with adults and children and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I am a qualified and experienced body worker in reflexology,  massage and reiki healing and use this intuitive knowledge in my work.

I have helped clients with

  • Life changes / Transition / Identity Issues
  • Loss / bereavement
  • Illness / recovery
  • Confidence/ self-esteem
  • Depression / low energy
  • Relationship problems
  • Family issues
  • Anxiety / Stress / Fear / Phobias
  • Disability issues
  • Birth and Early Parenting

I bring a wealth of therapeutic experience to each person’s individual life difficulties, listening deeply and respectfully, intuiting, working through the body with a dis-ease, an embodied trauma,  strong emotions, negative self-belief and patterns that inhibit a healthy, happy life.


Counselling, EFT and body therapy in clinical  practice in a woman’s mental health project, a complementary therapy clinic, a school an NHS medical clinic, and in private practice with many years accumulated experience.

Facilitating Constellations  workshops looking at Family, Health, Money, Birth and Identity Multi-generational Trauma  for the last 6 years in Stroud, Cheltenham, Birmingham and London.

Facilitating EFT workshops in Brighton

Facilitating Mandala Art workshops in Gloucestershire, Brighton, Bristol and USA.

Thirty years teaching adults, teenagers and children of all abilities and diversities.

I am committed to my personal ongoing process and professional development both in supervision, peer mentoring and study days with Vivian  Broughton and Franz Ruppert.  My own process and this professional support  gives me the insight, trust and humility as I work with others. I hold anyone who comes to see me with a sense of dignity for who they are and respect for what they bring.

Relevant Professional Qualifications / Training

  • BA(Hons) B.Ed and Teacher’s Cert. Level 3
  • Post-Grad. Diploma Psychosynthesis Counselling
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching
  • EFT Advanced Practitioner  AAMET
  • Family Constellations Intensive Certificate, The Bert Hellinger Institute, USA.
  • Core Systemic Constellations, Oxford training.
  • IoPT Constellations Training, London – 2 years (with apprenticeship)
  • Workshop presentation on Trauma and Medical Intervention at the 3rd International IoPT Conference in Munich.
  • Published paper: ‘Lymphknoten-Krebs’ in ‘Mein Korper, mein Trauma, mein Ich’  2017 Ruppert,F & Banzhaf, H.

Body Therapy Qualifications

Dip ITEC, Reflexology & Dip ITEC, Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage.     Certificate of Holistic Palliative Care for Complementary Therapists.  Reiki I, II and Masters.