Health Constellations

The Intention method of IoPT can also be used specifically for Health offering an opportunity to explore your relationship to the personal symptoms of ill health that affect you and possible underlying causes.

Through the resonance of representatives you can gain new insight and a deeper level of understanding of your health biography.

The aim of exploring a health issue is to become conscious of hidden dynamics underlying the presenting symptoms and the message the body is giving you. This may be a result of unexpressed emotions,  past or multi-generational  trauma held in the body’s memory.  By sensing and releasing what is held, we give our body the opportunity to literally rewire itself to respond differently.

I have many years experience of facilitating Health Constellations : workshops at St Luke’s Medical Centre, Stroud and at the Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham,  counselling in an NHS surgery and private 1-1 sessions focusing on health issues.

I bring my experience in complementary therapy and energy healing to this work and in my personal process have experienced integrated recovery from the trauma of  my own past health challenges through the IoPT method. Indeed Franz Ruppert’s theory of Identity Trauma explains to me  why medical intervention in itself can be a trauma with a need for supported recovery.

 “PROFOUND – showing deep knowledge and insight. This work is profoundly moving and healing.”

DDV / Midwife /  Sussex