Psychosynthesis / IoPT Energy Focused Therapy

Healing the younger parts of ourselves… unblocking trapped energy… and releasing the potential inside us.

Bringing Psychosynthesis and the IoPT Intention method to EFT is a deep, clearing and healing form of body-soul therapy.

Why is EFT  often experienced as superficial ?

Because  it can  keep us in a place of survival and does not heal the underlying causes. a CBT approach may be useful for some but if you want to truly heal identity loss – a trauma of the soul  –  you need a method that holds more.

Bringing EFT together with the theory and method of Identity-oriented Psychotrauma (IoPT)  and the creative imaging of psychosynthesis which taps into our higher self, we can experience a deep healing. 

I have my own extraordinary and very recent experience of the healing power of EFT in this way and have been developing & integrating these methods of healing.

How do I work with  Psychosynthesis / IoPT Energy  Focusing ?

The client works with an Intention for the Energy Focus.                

The client leads the session with respect to their autonomy and the Intention they bring.

The therapist facilitates the tapping holding intuitive resonance AND knowledge of the acupuncture points and their related organs and accompanying emotions.

Together the client and therapist work with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual chakras in imaging, colour and tapping.

The client taps on the parts of themselves which emerge through the Intention. The therapist taps alongside but not on the client unless that is part of the contract.

These parts are sub-personalities that hold trauma, survival or healthy energy often younger in age.

The parts may emerge through image, colour, emotion or sensation.

How do we heal trauma, release energy and bring new potential?              

As we tap we experience resonance and see, feel and connect with the part of ourselves held in body memory that needs healing. We express the anger, sadness, pain, neglect of the unseen child. And we give VOICE.

This process helps us find the essence of  who we are : the health and humour of the very young part of ourselves that no longer holds the trauma. That can laugh, dance, be creative and find voice.

The client can take EFT away and use it in their process of healing.  EMDR stays with the expert.