Identity Constellations workshops, new to Brighton & Hove, offer you the opportunity to explore emotional difficulties in your life that block clear choices, healthy relationships and a sense of well-being. Stress, anxiety, fear and relationship and health problems always have an underlying cause which can often be unresolved pre-birth or infant trauma, sometimes trans-generational. Using the unique, ground-breaking and integrative IoPT method of resolving this, in a somatic way we meet the parts of ourselves that need healing bringing a shift in the way we see ourselves.

All workshops include an Introduction to the Theory and Intention process to hold  the work in a clear, safe and confidential space. In these workshops you will either have the opportunity to do some personal work or to be a resource (representative) for another. As a representative we find we experience a  level of insight and healing for ourselves too.


MONTHLY IoPT Group Thurs Eves : Sept 21st / Oct 12th / Nov 16th / Dec 7th. 6.30 – 9.30 pm  – Shoreham W Sussex. Please let me know if you want to join. This will be a small group for deeper work so places are limited. £30 a session.

MONTHLY IoPT  Group Weds am.  ‘Being Healthy Parents’                                 @ The Hive Cafe Community Workspace.  Oct 11th –  Free Introduction & Demonstration – please book.  Oct 11th / Nov 15th /Dec  6th /Jan 10th.  9.30-12.30 pm. £35 or 3 sessions for £80 / Early Bird £30 / Low income negotiable.

Who am I and What do I want? Oct 28th 10 – 5pm @ the Cornerstone C C. HOVE Cost £50 (EB £40 by Oct 7th).

As we come towards the end of the year and the dark closes in, we often find ourselves reflecting on these two essential questions. A general workshop for any issue you wish to bring an intention to and resolve in some way.

Who am I and What do I really want in my life? Nov 12th 10 – 5pm @ the Isbourne Centre. CHELTENHAM Book at

New Year Intention for Myself.   Jan 6th 10-5pm @ the Cornerstone, HOVE 

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