Workshop Comments

“Kate is a thoughtful, empathic facilitator who creates a safe and generous space for deep work.  The constellation process is firmly with the autonomy of the client, yet facilitating this process requires fine navigation.  Kate’s experience of facilitating and doing her own personal work gives her the skills for this subtle navigation and support.  I look forward to working with her in the future.”
JF / Participant at Hove workshop April 2017

Attending Kate’s workshops this year has brought a powerful insight into how I see myself in the world. It has given me an understanding of how early trauma has shaped my view of the world and how to resolve it. With this deeper understanding of myself it has brought about a shift in how I work with my clients too.

Sue Bradley / Eating Psychology Coach / Brighton 2017

“an outstanding facilitator, highly skilled in the delicate art of constellations”

DO’H/Organisational Constellations Facilitator / Nottingham

“Constellation of the Intention work is the most gentle and safe way of working, particularly when working with a trauma. The people I chose to represent my intention embodied aspects of me I found hard to see or acknowledge but working with intention  helped me engage with these parts of myself at a much deeper level.”

GG / University Lecturer and Mother / Birmingham

“It was such a fascinating learning and I really appreciated all your skill and intuitive ability throughout. What rich work.” 

Participant at Hove Oct 8th 2016 workshop.

“Thank you for a wonderfully held workshop on Saturday.”             

 Participant at Hove Feb 18th 2017 workshop

“PROFOUND – showing deep knowledge and insight. Constellation work is profoundly moving and healing.”

DDV / Midwife / Brighton, Sussex

” has a natural empathy and deep compassion which helps to create a safe space in which participants feel truly supported. Her obvious understanding of the human psyche enables the  process to unfold beautifully and her handling of the emotions and issues that often arise is a pleasure to behold. Kate’s non-judgmental attitude …..”

PAJ / Homoeopath and Natural Health Practitioner / Leominster

“My  exploration had a profound effect on me and released a tension I had carried for many years. It was facilitated sensitively and with great wisdom. I would recommend this process to anyone who has a question about themselves and their family they would like a new perspective on.”

ST / Psychotherapist / Brighton, Sussex

I remember it well (part 1)

A personal blog from Jack / Cheltenham Workshop 2019

“It was a day of discovering and working through personal, often blocked, issues. Not forgetting the trust which Kate  instilled through the professional way she works, I came away feeling that I’d changed in some way – and to the good.”

PR / Counsellor, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

“The day unfolded and I felt privileged to be part of an extraordinary workshop. There was such insight to “issues” that had been held within families, sometimes for generations.”

CW / Company Director / W Sussex

“Together with a larger group of participants, I watched while a life changing event from my past unfolded before my eyes. The release and relief of letting go of some very emotional “baggage” that I had carried with me was amazing, remarkable and ultimately freeing.”

GK / Retired / Real Estate, Chicago