Mandala Constellations

What is a Mandala?          

–  “a safe refuge for inner reconciliation and wholeness”  C.G. Jung

Mandala in modern Sanskrit means a circle. Mandala-making has been used in every culture as a way to wholeness and healing through art.

Carl G Jung introduced the mandala to the world of psychology. He believed it represented the unconscious self and was “a safe refuge for inner reconciliation and wholeness” helping us when we feel disorientated and fragmented.

Mandalas help us to see ourselves, each time we make one, in a new , more integrated and balanced way. They reveal the parts of ourselves that want us to see them. In psychosynthesis: the sub-personalities; in identity therapy, the intrapsychic splits. They are an image constellation.

Making a personal collage mandala is a simple and profound way of revealing and unravelling deeper issues, bringing awareness and focus to your life.  It is a process which reflects different parts of yourself and can bring a sense of balance in an accepting, integrating and affirming way. Changes seem to occur in creating and interacting with it.

The Mandala Constellations process:

I offer workshops and 1:1 x 2 hr session or part of ongoing IoPT processing. 

The process: 

1) Body focused Meditation – an Intention for the work.

2) Looking through magazines for images that speak to you whether you like them or not.
3) Creating the mandala constellation pasting images on to a circle template.

4)  Interaction through silent resonance with others, the facilitator or floor markers.

5)  Talking about the parts of yourself you see and what you understand.

6)  Movement towards integration.

Mandala Therapy can help with:

  • Life changes / transition
  • Loss / bereavement
  • Redundancy / self-esteem
  • Depression / low energy
  • Relationship problems
  • Family issues
  • Anxiety / stress / anger
  • Disability issues
  • Illness / recovery
  • Addiction issues

This type of therapy can particularly help people:

  • who struggle to express their feelings
  • want clarity in their lives
  • see life more in images than words
  • who want to bring their own creativity to the  therapy session

 I also arrange  SKYPE Mandala  sessions for those at long distance.


A mandala showing family dynamics and complex relationships. Family members can be represented by animals or objects, or natural forms showing the energy within the dynamic. 


New Year Mandala Evenings

A chance to bring the new year in with meaning and intention. the symbols of your mandala speak to you and guide you through the year. I am now introducing these evenings to Brighton & Hove.

“Kate’s new year mandala evening is a “must have” ingredient in our festive season. It’s a chance to reflect on the past year and invite our innermost wishes to find their expression through a collage of sometimes surprising images, words, or colours. We often find things “coming true” during the year, when we had no idea what was meant at the time of creating the mandala.  Kate holds the space so well – a mixture of focus, fun, compassion and sharing.”  Katie and Jonathan Nunn,  Stroud

Mandala-making Workshops

“I started to see mandalas everywhere, even when chopping fruit and vegetables, after Kate’s workshop! The circle itself took on a whole new meaning and power particularly the power to look at myself in relation to my own world and what influences me in the present. An excellent facilitator.”  
DV / July 2011 Brighton

“I had no preconceived notion of what to expect and found the whole Mandala experience informative and healing – a day of inward journey, with Kate using colour, sound and the universal shape.”    
DS / July 2001 Brighton

“My mandala revealed to me a self-confidence that I am not fully aware of. I felt seen, by the instructor, guided by her into a deeper understanding of myself. I was particularly moved to witness how the facilitator (Kate ) focussed her keen attention on each participant, truly being there for each of us in turn.”  
LF / New Hampshire, USA

“The essence of the wisdom that emerged from creating /exploring my mandala stayed with me. Facilitated by Kate with sensitivity, insight, non-judgement. “
BP / New Hampshire, USA

Individual Mandala Therapy

“I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my own personal reading. The session in which I did mine was calm and peaceful from the start with meditation, to the finished product. As i had no specific question i wanted answered I did a general Mandala. An inciteful and comprehensive picture of myself emerged through our reading. I was quite astonished as we worked together to translate the pictures I thought I had chosen at random. Wonderful! Thanks, Kate.”
GK / April 2012 Chicago, USA

HMP Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire

“The mandala workshop with the over-50s group at HMP Eastwood Park was very well-received. The women all enjoyed it and have been speaking about it again and again.”
RECOOP Project Worker HMP Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire.

New Year Mandala

“The wheel of the New Year has turned now. I ushered it in at a workshop to create mandalas using images gleaned from magazines chosen, both consciously and unconsciously, to represent hopes for the New Year. The image selection was both great fun and challenging, with the facilitator reminding us to avoid over-thinking about the process, and allow the unexpected to happen. Walking around the circle of our work as the workshop drew to a close was a revelation: the variety and beauty of the mandalas laid on the floor was stunning.” 
JS / Cirencester

“The Mandala evening was a really inspiring and purposeful evening. I got so much out of it and it was all done beautifully – the pacing, the organising and the way Kate got us all going in a none -too-wordy-way!”
AW / Stroud