That blasted rock

So you think we're here to  be nice
here to be nice and happy
turn away from what's sad and crappy
hold on to our dummy and nappy
keep tight to a place of security
in this traumatising society
deluded by commercial ads
and the latest fads that preoccupy.
Nice and happy, you and me
mesmerised by fantasy?
Shall we cling to the myth that love will free
without need to explore
what I do to you and you to to me
which we both may experience differently?

It's not that the sun doesn't shine for us
but the clouds come all too soon
and we have to be open to explore
talk to each other, ask ourselves more
hold ourselves near, listen and hear
what it is that holds us to this rhyme and tune
which becomes discordant far too soon.
What we need from each other
to help us re-cover,
not grumble and moan
nor fear to discover, fear to take stock
of what's hidden in you under that stone -
which is more of a rock.

Aren't you afraid that with the ticking of the clock
the fuse may go off
and shatter that rock in a hundred pieces
fragments for you to pick up?
Great railroad blast heard from afar
wakes up the past
as the horn whistles and the line rumbles
at carriages rattling fast.
And parts of yourself scattered
in the sound of the distant explosion
earth's erosion.
Pieces forgotten you thought had been lost
years before in an earlier time
that polished enough can be seen again
free of dullness free of stain.
Not without pain of the loss of them
long ago in the infant pram
the loss of yourself found here on the ground
splits in that time bomb and blast.

Fragments of diamonds lie in the dust
some rust of course
and if you pick them up
and make them one
this precious gem you now can reclaim
is yours for the taking back again.
And if I walk beside you and do the same
Then again we can truly make love by the moon
Give you new name and me new name
And know that the sun will come out again.

© KC as Allie Rocket 28/5/2019

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